Compare Gold Prices Per Ounce and Gold Prices Per Gram

Here at Kuber Jewellery we always claim that our prices are the best in the industry, but how can you be sure that we really do offer market leading rates?

Many of our competitors also offer ‘best prices’ but then confuse the customer by listing Gold and other Precious Metal prices per Gram and per Ounce. Remember to ask whether Gold prices quoted for an Ounce means standard, Imperial Ounce or Troy Ounce. Here is why that is absolutely necessary:

One Ounce is equivalent to 28.35 Grams;

Here is the solution:

You now possess the knowledge to easily see through misleading information and get to the real numbers.

When you compare our prices on a like for like basis you will see that we really do offer the best gold prices per Ounce and the best gold prices per Gram, simply by offering the best gold prices in Dubai!

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