Gold Price Per Gram


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The gold rate in Dubai refers to the current price of gold in the emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). As a global hub for gold trading and a popular destination for gold shoppers, Dubai is known for its bustling gold markets and competitive gold prices.

The gold rate in Dubai is influenced by various factors, including global gold prices, market demand, currency exchange rates, and local taxes or fees. Gold rates in Dubai are typically quoted per gram or per ounce, and can vary depending on the type and purity of gold, such as 24K, 22K, 18K, or 14K.

Todays' Gold Rate in UAE

As of today, the UAE gold price reflects the current market value of gold in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The gold price in the UAE, like in many other countries, is influenced by various global and local factors that affect the demand and supply of gold.

Why buy Gold in Dubai?

There are several compelling reasons why many people choose to buy gold in Dubai: